Frequently Asked Questions

After-hours coverage is available every day of the week. Please call the office and Dr. Revels will be paged.
You can view through our Patient Portal, they can be mailed to you or Dr. Revels will often call if labs need to be discussed in depth.
The only time the answering service is on during office hours is between noon and 1 pm.
Co-pays are always due at the time of service. We take cash, credit cards or debit cards. The patient is responsible for paying if there is a deductible.
Board Certified Family Practitioner with over 25 years in practice.
Wait time for appointments is usually no longer then 24 hours – same day appointments are available on most occasions.
No, we cannot discuss health information online, but Dr. Revels offers phone consultations for $210 for new patients and $143 for existing patients.
At this time we only supply adult immunizations.
Referral choices are open to most physicians in the area, but will often be determined by insurance plan selection of physicians in their network.
There is a cancellation fee of $25 without at least a 24 hour notice of inability to make the scheduled appointment.